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Unable to download, even ports forwarded


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I'm unable to download, even from a torrent that has thousands of seeders and peers. I have checked my port forwarding and that is fine. I'm also able to upload without any issues.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue may be?

I've taken some screen shots but I'm not sure how to attach them to this Q.


I've read the FAQ, done the ISP tests (all ok) and just rebooted. Same symptoms.

Currently uTorrent is running on port 36271, but I'd be surprised if my ISP allows uploading torrents but not downloading them?

Any suggestions?


I've managed to upload some screen shots to show the issue



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I double and triple checked my settings and they all seemed fined.

Finally, I changed from port 32761 to 50k something and the open office test started download straight away. About 3 mins later about 5 of the torrents kicked off and started flying.

I guess my ISP and learned of excessive traffic uploaded on the previous port ( I uploaded 31 GB in 3 days) so they must've done something. Either way, I can play this port changing game with them all the time as my IP is dynamic as well.

My ISP is True Internet Thailand.

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