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Port not open on only one computer


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Hello, thanks for reading.

I have searched the net for days for a possible solution to my problem and have ultimately been left with none.

I have a Linksys wireless 120N router providing access to four computers. 2 of them wired and 2 wireless.

2 of them are using utorrent. My desktop wired connection and my laptop wireless.

The other two computers are of no consequence.

I have a port not open error constantly on my desktop and the laptop tests come back fine and all is green. I have followed all instructions at portforwarding.com and some other suggested sites to properly open the port on my desktop configuration.

I have set it's static ip and this is where the confusion starts.

I did nothing to the laptop, no config at all. Downloaded utorrent and away I went. Everything is green.

I have done nothing BUT configure my desktop for days and get nothing but red. (port not open)

I have set single port and port range.

There is nothing on my laptop that isn't on my desktop except that my desktop is running Vista ultimate and my laptop is running Windows 7.

The only thing I have really had a problem with and could possibly be the problem is when I find my desktop's ip number and set it in the network connections to set up a static ip, after configuration it always reverts to an older ip address.

The linsys asks for an ip address that goes like this:

My desktop computer always reverts the static ip settings to

No matter how many times I change it to the first when I go back to the ip4 properties it is reverted back to the latter. Lynksys won't accept this ip or I would just go ahead and try to use it.

I have deleted it, it comes back.

When I run ipconfig/all it shows my ip as

Network setting always goes back to This is not my desktop's ip address. The proper address is there in the list but no matter how many times I try to use it, when I exit Network connections and open it back up to check it has always replaced it with the wrong one.

It baffles me that my laptop is going to beat the band but my desktop is having port trouble.

They are all on the same network.

Possibly my desktop has joined the dark side.

If you are as confused as I am thanks for your time. :D

Any help would be appreciated.


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