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uTorrent randomly stopping and starting


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Ok, first off, I have never had this problem with uTorrent before. I've been using it for around maybe a year, year and a half. My download speed is 3 mb/s and upload is ~80 kb/s.

Anyways, uTorrent was working fine a week ago. Then I added some new torrents and they wouldn't download. It would show it was properly connected to the seeders for example it would say 19(187) and also show them in the torrent client under peers. But the torrent was only going like .1kb/s and after leaving it on for about 3 days it only got up to like .4% done.

So I decide to reboot the computer and router. It starts working again, peaking at download speeds of about 292 kb/s which is normally where I average. And then it cuts out after a half hour or so. Then after a few hrs it picks back up again. Any idea what this could be?

There is no one else on my network while this is happening. My ISP is Verizon. While I first suspected them of limiting my traffic, I'm not so sure any more. I haven't gotten any emails from them about my bandwidth and, after reading around online, I'm really not using that much compared to some people.

Thanks for any help in advance. I did try running the speedtest again, but it didn't solve my problem.

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