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Predictable Decline in Speed


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I have found that at my current location, with a university ISP, I get initial speeds that are very good, about 220kbps per torrent for the download speeds. It plateaus at around 700kbps sometimes, but then decreases at an almost perfect curve in the 1sec graph. My internet speed is up the challenge and I know some peers for popular torrents have good up speeds so it's likely my isp.

M-Lab's tests say that there is no throttling or anything wrong with my isp insofar as the bittorrent is concerned. Of course, i can't forward ports. Is there something i can change or do to subvert the restrictions? Is it my isp or just an artifact of something else....

I don't know the relevant information to give here so please ask. I have tried Ultima's guide, as well as the settings guide. I doubt it is firewall or anything on my computer that is at fault because on my home network, with a different isp, i get my good speeds of up to 1Mb/s per torrent.

Thanks in advance.


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