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A weird situation.


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hey all...ive got a weird problem with utorrent first let me start of by saying im not reading about 400 pages to try and find help i would rather ask here for a quick response.

OK the thing is when im downloading a torrent and i close my laptop lid i lose speed in my connection im talking drastic speeds one second im downloading at 3/mbps then when i close my laptop lid it's 40/KBPS!!!! what is going on? and before any people start saying your computer is going to sleep etc etc no! this is not the case...i was wondering could it be my laptop wi-fi chip being blocked out by my lid of my laptop? but then i thought how stupid could that be,heres the weird part my upload speeds continue to run smooth when my lid is closed so obviously it cannot be my wi-fi chip otherwise upload speed would be affected aswell right?

Please guys i need help with this is there any help its driving me crazy i don't want to keep my laptop lid open when im downloading torrents this is rediculous thanks again :)

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