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Internet freezes when openin uTorrent


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Hey guys!

So I used uTorrent on Windows on an everyday basis and everything worked fine.

Then I changed to MacOS X Snow Leopard.

I was happy to know there was a beta version of uTorrent running for Mac, so I installed it and it worked exactly the same as in Windows: it was quick, easy and I had no problem with it.

One day, I opened uTorrent and the internet froze! I couldn't open any website, either on Firefox or Safari. The downloads were also frozen. It's so weird because I didn't change anything: I didn't change internet service, router, firewall is not activated and the AirPort signal is still going strong.

I thought it may have been a uTorrent update I had done. So I uninstalled everything, re-installed, still nothing. I tried using other programs, BitTorrent and Transmission. Same problem. I use Frostwire and it works fine.

Could someone please help? I'd use Frostwire for the torrents, but it's just too slow and not convenient!

Thank you

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