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A few questions v 2.0.1!


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Hello! I'm a long time user, and first time poster!

I upgraded to uTorrent 2.0.1 few days back and I had some problems with my download speed.

I came to this forum and tried some of the solutions posted to people with similar problems.

It seems my problem was fixed by disabling net.calc_overhead. By doing this my Download went from ~450kB/s to my normal ~1.2MB/s.

When I first tried to find the thing messing up my download I found something labeled as "O". I did some more research and I found out it's called "Overhead" (Protocal Overhead).

So my questions:

1. This was not shown in my earlier uTorrent version (1.8.x), Why?

2. This is something that always happen when downloading via torrent? (just not shown in earlier versions of uTorrent)

3. By disabling net.calc_overhead, I did what exactly?

4. Will this have side effects or repercussions of any sort?


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1) 1.8 does not calculate overhead.

2) Yes, the overhead is always there. We just show it to you now.

3) The overhead is hidden and is no longer used in limit calculations.

4) Yes, your true upload/download speed are no longer being shown. With the overhead, you can see how much upload bandwidth you're -really- using while downloading, and cap accordingly.

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