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utorrent crashes nework then modem


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Hello everyone first post here after reading all the search results im now needing some help.

Main pc i use for downloading (quad core,Q9550, 2.83 OC to 3.2 4 GB ddr3 1600mz ASUS p5b delux wifin) running windows 7,so i start utorrent and do a test from within utorrent to test my settings (save them) and it then it starts to download at megabit speeds for about 10 mins (or sometimes hrs but rarely) then it stalls all traffic through both network cards (tried only one card same issues) so no internet and network traffic---YET my mac will humm along for a hell of a lot longer most of the time for hours but not always (its running wireless N) if i don't use the windows PC the mac seems never to have these issues (i think but i have not tested this thoroughly) then after the windows pc has no connectivity on the network for a while the modem shits itself. Modem reboots all good for 10 mins then its all over again. I have tried bringing the connections down to as low as 80 and same issue applies. Nework map as follows,


2nd network,

time capsule -switch mac connects to time capsule via N

Hope this give some ideas as to whats going on.

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already tried those still no joy an just trying connecting to time capsule vie ethertnet so far so good,



["Speed Results"]

Download: 1,379 Kilobytes/s

Upload: 131.3 Kilobytes/s

QOS: 69%

RTT: 40 ms

MaxPause: 60 ms

Test mirror: Canberra

whilst utorrent running at 386 kB/s

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