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"Shaping" in Africa!


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Hi fellow surfers,

I'm from South Africa, where the bandwidth is horded by the ISP's and were made to pay through our @$$es for it, anyways... a service provider has just come out with a "uncapped" account at a reasonable price, however they have severely shaped the bittoreent protocol.

To give you an idea about the pricing down here: The best line we can get is a 4MB uncapped unshaped for R2359 ($317) a month.. Needless to say i am not on the aforementioned contract, but rather a humble 384kb line with a uncapped, (torrent)shaped account for R450 ($61).

My question: is there anyway to bypass running the torrent on its default port/protocol and maybe changing it to port 80(their "Priority" HTTP protocol)?

Please save me from having to watch season 1 of Prison break/House on local tv.....

Much <3

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