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Automatic sharing without consent


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I have a strange problem with uttorent. Its automatically sharing some video files without my consent.

The problem I am having is that:

1) I downloaded all the concerned files via DCPP not torrent.

2) I never elected to share them via torrent.

3) The only connection these files have with utorrent is that they happen to be stored in the default utorrent downloads directory.

For some reason utorrent sees it fit to share these files. I don't even understand how that is possible when I never even published a torrent for them. What is going on?

My utorrent version is 2.01.


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Impossible. µT shares only what you have loaded into its window. And the torrent jobs must be active.

If there is no torrent job relative to some files stored in your HDD, µT does nothing, it's not like Kazaa.

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