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Upload goes over the top eventhough it's limited by uTorrent


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So, here is my problem.

I have 1 mbit/s upload granted at my ISP, so i set limit global upload limit to 90kB/s and scheduler upload limit in daytime to 70kB/s. Last few weeks i noticed that (i think after upgrading 1.8.5 to 2.0) my internet connections is kinda slow, so i checked live bandwidth throughput on router while utorrent was running, and this is what i found out:

If i set upload limit to 20kB/s there is actually 60kB/s upload transfer to WAN. If i set it to 70, my upload gets maxed out and internet becomes sluggish. All this happens if there is a download in progress.

If i only upload, speeds are about 10-20kB/s above limit set in uTorrent.

I'm not experiancing these problems with download limits (yet). It seems to stay around set speed.

I tried installing 2.0.1, 2.0, 1.8.5 with removing all previous data, registry keys, setting max connections from 20-200 etc. and nothing seems to fix it.

I also got through Switeks signature articles.

Help with this is apriciated so i can upload some actual data and not just communication traffic or whatever this is.

Edit: uTorrent was the only thing transfering data over the internet at that time. I even closed VPN connections.

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