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Can't upload - only under rare situations


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Hello Utorrent community,

I registered informing about a problem I am experiencing, and perhaps I obtain a solution here. Basically it's like this:

I can download a torrent very easily. During the download, it also shows an upload speed. But the moment my download is finished and moves to the 'completed' section, the upload speeds drops until it eventually dissappears. It shows 'seeding' (or 'uploaden' in my native language Dutch), yet it doesn't seed. I'd gladly help seed torrents, but it doesn't work. But as I said, during the download itself, it DOES upload.

Things I have already done:

- Enabled the proper port using port forwarding.

- Made sure Windows Firewall isn't blocking Utorrent.

- Ran the Utorrent test to check if the ports work. It says they work properly.

- Check my upload en download settings in preferences. It allows uploading at unlimited speed.

Also, from time to time the torrent that's seeding start uploading with 0,5-1kb/ sec for a few second, and then disappears again.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope I was clear in my explanation!

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Is your ISP disrupting BitTorrent connections while seeding?

Try the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd links in my signature.

Do these torrents actually have peers on them right now to upload to?

Your end may have gotten ips that were ONCE peers and still think of them as such, but they've really become seeds and/or quit running the torrent.

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