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Upload Speed Low & Rare


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-I get "UPnP(32459) OK", which I am assuming is the same as Network OK (can anyone explain the difference please)

-Cable 6mbps/2mbps

-WinXP Pro

-No Firewall, but a D-LINK DI604 router (port forwarded correctly, µTorrent's speedguide window displays it as forwarded, and I have seen it upload a few times.

-ISP not well known for capping bittorrent protocol


Ok, I can download fine.

I have uploaded at a max speed of about 160-170 KB/s (kilobytes per second)

This was for a brief period, now I rarely upload at all. If I do upload, it does not go past 15 KB/s or so. The torrents are popular and should be uploading, but there is a small outlying chance that there simply are not many people downloading/ others are uploading more than I.


1) What is the difference between Network OK and UPnP(32459) OK?

2) I have DHT enabled, on the status bar it says 290 peers, could this be too much/cause of my problems? (I have 2 torrents open, and only 1 allows DHT)

3) I have UPnP enabled, I glanced over some faqs where it said my D-Link may have problems, is this the case?

4) My status bar is entirely grayed/disabled, but I am able to right click D/U areas and change caps, is this a problem?

5) Are there any things furthermore I may try to improve my upload?

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1) You're right in your assumption. The only difference is that UPnP opened the port through UPnP. Are you sure you forwarded correctly though? If you did, then it wouldn't show "UPnP(XXXXX) OK."

2) Should be fine.

3) Might be, dunno (gonna have to wait until maybe Firon responds on that one)

4) Eh? Entirely? What happened to the UPnP OK message?

5) Try enabling peer.lazy_bitfield, enable PE, make sure you set your alternate upload rate correctly (if you did at all), check if ports are really forwarded correctly.

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If I uncheck UPnP, it just says "Network OK", should I leave this like this?

I've attached a jpg of my status bar...


As for lazy bitfield, I thought that was the variable for ISPs that block traffic? Mine doesn't...I was seeding at 160 KB/s one time. They could have blocked it in that short span of a day, but I had done very little uploading and this would be rare. I could set that variable but I don't want detrimental effects.

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