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Mouseover on flags shows details


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As topic says. Hovernig mouse over flags (or some other action) shows readable status (Ud may say "Uploading, want to download" for example).

May be helpful for new / scatterbrain users. Implementation may not be a mouseover but perhaps a reference within the application itself, etc...

I pretty much have it now but seeing text or actual flag fields is generally quicker and easier to understand, at least to me.

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Then it won't be for most people. ;p I just can't stand all the other utilities that cryptically use letters and characters to designate what is going on...

The reason I say it would be helpful is a) it would be for me, and B) the idea I presented probably wouldn't be intrusive to others. Hell, columns for each flag could be added and by default not shown. All kinds of ways to accomplish simpler reading of flags...

Has really nothing to do with the speed, since it is flags.. If it wasn't useful, wouldn't it just NOT be there?

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