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Force Re-Check doesn't work on a huge torrent


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I've got a problem with a huge torrent.

We've some electricity problems in here and sometimes it get disconnected, so when I'm downloading torrents, they get stopped and when I open uTorrent, it checks file.

I had no problem with it till 1 week ago.

uTorrent checks all files(except a huge one) correctly.

I've a 64GB torrent in my download list. uTorrent says I've downloaded 3.94GB of this torrent and that's correct.

But 1 week ago, our electricity got disconnected. uTorrent had to check my torrents and it checked all files correctly except that torrent.

When checking completed, it said 4.48GB of torrent downloaded but I just downloaded 3.94GB. How is this possible?

As I said I've never had any problem with re-checking. Also I've never had a torrent like that. My biggest torrent is 15GB after this torrent.

I've already tired my best to solve this problem, but no chance.

I've tried re-adding torrent in the download list, installing BitTorrent and checking this torrent in BitTorrent and guess what? Same thing in BitTorrent. Changing driver of torrrent, etc. Please mention that checking a 60GB torrent is not easy, it takes a huge time and makes some problems for HDD as I know.

I'm on 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. Latest version of uTorrent. And the files are ISO and some JPG files(about 150MB). 7.92, 7.47, 7.34, 7.20, 6.49, 6.14, 6.10, 5.92, 5.57, 4.14GB, they are size of ISO files.

Oh, one more thing. This PC is ONLY for download. It means I've no programs installed, except ESET Smart Security and Winamp. Also I'm cleaning my startup programs(by running System Configuration AKA msconfig). The only programs in my startup are sidebar, anti virus, winamp and audio manager(Realtek audio manager that comes with audio driver).

So, what I've to do to fix this problem?

Thanks everyone.



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Hmm. No answer!

I know, that is very weird, but there should be a way to fix it.

Today I just installed BitComet, same thing, so that is not client's fault, at least at some points, I'll explain.

That is very weird because client thinks I did download 4.48GB, but only 3.94GB downloaded.

I'm thinking maybe uTorrent doesn't show downloaded size correctly? Is this possible? Isn't there any way(s) to make it correct?

I guess that's because the torrent is too big. However I can post hash of torrent if it helps.

Please, tell me what do you think, specially about my guess.

I'm waiting for some replies, at least from moderators.

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a torrent being too bit shouldn't be a problem. I've downloaded several torrents in the 100-200 gig range and i've never had a problem.

I'm wondering if the file is to blame. For instance you may have transfered 3.94 gigs and then did a recheck. what a recheck does is it compares the pieces (4mb or so ea) to the hash. Its possible that the file is actually bogus and is actually blank, which when doing a recheck would result in it saying those pieces are correct even though nothing has been actually downloaded.

Go back to the torrent page you got it from and make sure that no one posted any fake flags or comments about broken files.

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Thanks paintball9 for replying.

I'm always checking the comments of huge torrents before downloading them, because I don't want to waste my time and my bandwidth. =p

I've re-checked the comments. Everyone says great torrent and please seed more! Nothing more.

Really wonder what is the problem.

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