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no constant speed


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i have downloaded a torrent and started downloading. after an hour when i saw the graph the speed was not constant. the speed reaches its peak and suddenly falls back and then starts raising to peak, suddenly falls back. this happens every time. means in 1 min about 10 cycles.

i have 2mbps speed use dlink 802c modem. removed firewall both in windows and modem and foreworded port.

am still running only single torrent. i have followed speed guide and all settings but bot able to get constant speed.

when i run multiple torrent i can get constant speed.

plz help me solve this. the file am downloading is big 200GB and got more than 50seeds and 200 leaches.

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thanks for replay

i use the default settings and did not change the any thing in advance settings.

only run single torrent.

lan ip and port no is 15538 which is manually forward.

using utorrent 2.0.2

i have 2MBps ADSL line. (220Kbps download and 40Kbps upload)

settings for download is unlimited as for upload i have limited to 25Kbps. i have gone through all the guides and set this settings.

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