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BitTorrent vs Vuze


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I'm a total none techy and am totally confused!

I've been using Vuze for some time now and decided to, also, add BitTorrent as (following the loss of my entire music collection) I have a LOT that I need to re-download.

Anyway, for the first few days BitTorrent seemed very slow, while Vuze went about its' business as normal.

Then BitTorrent sprang into life and for about a week I was getting very fast downloads.

However, it now seems to ignore new torrents that I've added - they show in the download pane but nothing happens (they show plenty of seeds etc but don't download)!

I've tried using the same torrents in Vuze and they download fine.

Why should that be?

Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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BitTorrent (the protocol) works best when only running a handful of torrents at a time on most broadband connections.

Run too many, and the new ones will be slow to start if they even start at all!

Stop some old torrents and the new ones should start.

Also, to get more speed out of BitTorrent (the program), follow 1st and 2nd links in my signature.

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