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New computer, old torrents


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I backed up everything, the old Program Files folder and the appdata folder. In the old install, I had saved all the torrent files to a folder on a drive which no longer exists [still have the files, but the drive letter is NA]. I've checked the migration guide and this problem is not addressed.

All the downloaded data is in their original save location and intact. But I receive a status error for the torrent files.

Error: Can't open .torrent file D:\......

Drive Letter D is NA. I don't want to have to delete hundreds of torrents and reinsert them into the new install. The save locations are different for each torrent and this would entail spending hours if not days to redirect all of them. The process involved in doing this is clumsy at best.

The program currently correctly sees each torrent in their respective folders, it just can't find the torrent file, so it can't do any hash check, hence the error.

This SHOULD be as simple as right-clicking on the torrent and right-clicking to redirect the software to the new location of the torrent files. But it doesn't work this way.

Is there a quick and simple way for the software to find these? I've set the software to save the torrent files to a new location, and the old torrent files are there. No joy.

The bottom line is that if the program had an integrated method to move completed torrents around after the download has completed, migration would be much much simpler. Vuze does this easily and quickly, but sites like what.cd and waffles don't allow it to be used.

Since the saved downloads are spread out over various locations, the only other alternative for me is to stop seeding them altogether.

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