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Label auto update


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I am running 20663 (beta 2.2) and I have currently used a few labels. i usually sort my torrents without labels but the ones that I would like to come back to every once in a while for seeding purposes I add the label 1 to. With that setup i usually just use the show unlabled torrents tab effectively hiding the one with the label. When adding new torrents it should then show them because the new torrents will be unlabeled as well. but for some reason on this new version it does not show them, the list does not update automatically as it had done before. I have to go back to the tab on the left side and re-click the unlabeled option. I havn't checked any other versions for this problem but I don't remember it ever happening on the 20501 beta release.

Edit - Well the next torrent I tried worked fine this way, so I'm not even sure what really happened. Go ahead and trash this thread. If it happens again I'll look into it a little closer.

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