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PEX not working as expected


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I am using uTorrent 2.2 beta. I have been downloading a file about 7 GB in size. It has got stuck around 80% due to no seeds.

But yesterday i got around 100 seeds found by Peers(PEX). The 'Peers' showed X besides them.

Now I have 2 questions:

1) My file has been on still weeks without any seeds. How come yesterday all of a sudden I got 100 seeds by peers? Can it be due to my starting another unrelated torrent download?

2) More important question - Even though i see 100 seeds by X, utorrent is not downloading from any? Why is this? Sometimes I see these get status of dX though.

3) Also, all the seeds i see from pex, are shown as from BitSpirit UDP0 clients. Does this tell me something?

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Are the tracker/s "dead"?

Did you add/remove any trackers?

Fake/bad ips reported, possibly 100+ of them. PEX sending you ips doesn't make them real. :(

Right-click on the torrent, advanced, Clear Peer List.

Then wait an hour for uTorrent to hopefully find real ips.

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