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Upload issue.


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For about a month now uploading has been really difficult as it seems I can't get any leechers to connect to me. Well, mostly. SOMETIMES I can get leechers to connect to me, but this is ONLY! when I am currently downloading the torrent as well. Also, when a torrent finishes downloading on my end, the connections to the leechers instantly drop and I never connect to anyone really from that moment on.

I have changed also every setting I could see, checked and unchecked boxes, etc, and still nothing. I'm running the latest version of uTorrent. There weren't any modifications to my internet setup in between the time it was working fine and when it became messed up. Comcast ISP. Ports forwarded properly (according to uTorrent's test). uTorrent's test also is able to download fast from me as well (so it isn't an issue of my upload being completely blocked), and that G-name test checking for throttling said all things were fine as well. I don't know what other information to give so you'll have to help me.

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As far as I know, ComCast doesn't disrupt BitTorrent specifically, though they may throttle BitTorrent and more during peak evening hours.

1st link in my signature, LAST post.

Do notice whether the few peer/seed connections you do get are incoming (I flag in Peers window/tab) or outgoing (no I flag).

Private trackers can make seeding extremely hard. Does this happen on busy public torrents with few seeds but many peers?

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Some connections had/have the I flag, some don't.

Using both public and private trackers, and heavy and lightly populated torrents.

Mind you, this started up out of nowhere. I used to always have issues of uploading faster than I downloaded (95% of the time). Now, next to no upload whatsoever for even brand new and hot torrents (lots of leechers, not too many seeders). I stopped torrenting for a couple months before, then the first time I opened it back up the upload issue was present ever since.

I did everything suggested in the second and third posts here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 except for Switeck's settings guide and patching the TCP thing. And as I think I said in my topic post (can't remember), the ports and Glasnost test say everything is working properly.

I don't think all that motherboard, cpu, modem/router etc information is necessary since everything is EXACTLY THE SAME as before the problems started, not one change has been made to the network (or PC, hardware or system settings. And since it used to be absolutely fine before with the exact same setup.....

I tested the ubuntu torrent on the link I was pointed to. 90 seeders, 347 leechers, only uploading to 2 leechers total upload combined being 2-7 kb/s. Should illustrate something is clearly wrong.

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