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uTorrent 2.0.3 Internet Crash


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I tried looking for older posts which were refering to the same problems I have been having, but I was not able to find them. So I apologize if I placed my question in the wrong place.

My problem is the following, I have a TRENDNERT TEW-423BRP router and for the last 6 months my internet is crashing when I am using uTorrent. I have forwarded a port and tried all possible settings recommended on different sites. My internet crashes continuously, and after a few seconds connects again. This only happens when I am using uTorrents. Here are my settings

max upload rate 10 kb/s (the speed test gives me an upload rate of 2MB/s)

max download rate 1020 kb/s (the speed test gives me a download rate of 19MB/s)

global max connections 30

max number of connected peers per torrent 30

number of upload slots per torrent 1

max number of active torrents 3

max number of downloads 3

I have also tried with a smaller number of connected peers per torrents (eg 10) and a smaller number of max connections but I have seen no differences.

Someone recommended that I should try updating the firmware and if that doesn't work to try replacing it with a general firmware.

I would like to know if you consider that these problems might be caused exclusively by the settings or if the router might cause some additional ones. I would also like to know if you would recommend the firmware upgrade (if it helps or not) or sould I just get another router, and if so which ones do you recommend.

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