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Speed connection going crazy?


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I don't know if this is a µTorrent problem but it happens when I'm actually using it. Alright, so what's going on is that today I was downloading a file on µTorrent and my internet speed was pretty slow, like usual. (I completely forgot I had µTorrent open.) So, I went to check out my connection speed and.... woah! My connection speed is usually around 10 MB/s and it was a 5 MB/s, when I had µTorrent open. Also, my connection speed was going crazy. It would stay at 5 MB/s for a little bit, then it'd go up to 50 MB/s. I see I had µTorrent open and I close it. My internet is still slow? Hmm... I go check my connection speed again and it was doing the same thing. It keeps happening untill now. I really don't know if this a problem at my internet host or a µTorrent problem. Also, if anyone has tips to speed up downloads in µTorrent, I'd be grateful. My downloads usually stay at 200 KB/s or more.

Here's a preview of my problem:


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