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Blocking uTorrent ??


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My problem is my brother is downloading 24/7 and it is eating the whole bandwidth. I have tried to talk with him but with no avail. We are connected to a Speedtouch 585 gateway. I tried to block the whole port range for 1024 ~ 65535 for his IP through the Gateway Firewall. He is not a computer literate, so he doesn't know how to set a static IP or what ports are or how to change it. I know what port he uses (32000). Although I blocked the whole range of ports, he is still able to download even when the ports are blocked. I disabled the UPnP as well. Limiting his Download/Upload speed will be discovered and he will know that I am the one who did this.(He told me he gets this Result: Ports seems to be blocked(but you can still download)) .. something like that.. Don't remember the exact message

Is there a solution for this problem ? Change settings in the Advanced Preferences of uTorrent to throttle his speeds. I have access to his computer from time to time. All I need is to throttle uTorrent speed, not buffering videos or regular http/ftp downloads.

Please, any one comes with ideas, I would be happy that he shares it with me. I am desperate.

Thank you in advance.

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I'd suggest using your routers QOS settings if it has them. You can set higher priority on traffic to your computer/ethernet port or specifically to http/ftp traffic. The reason that he can still download is that outgoing connections work regardless of proper ports. its the incoming connections that don't work, resulting in poor seeding results.

Although if you can get him to update to the newest version and properly configure the speed guide (limits and connections) his bandwidth should throttle around yours. uTP is designed to allow space for other traffic once congestion is detected. It could also increase his speed while you are not using the internet resulting in overall better use of available bandwidth.

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