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Missing Torrent Search Bar - Replaced with Take our Survey link

Will Hats

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I downloaded 2.0.3 and the torrent search bar disappeared replaced by a Take our survey link which tries to install something.

I then downloaded 2.2 Beta which was fine until yesterday. But today, I notice the torrent search bar has again been replaced with the Take our survey link.

I am happy to take the survey, if the administrators tell me that it will not install anything on my machine and will bring back the Torrent Search bar.

I am curious as to why this Take our survey is being forced onto users and why no mention of it has been made prior to enabling download.

Can someone please clarify?

The program has been downloaded form the utorrent site. I am using Vista 64.

I have a snapshot in jpg format of the issue if anyone can tell me how to attach it.

Thanks in advance, WH

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