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uTorrent vs bittorrent, strange results


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I spent the majority of today trying to get bittorrent (mainline) to work. No matter what I did, though, the torrents just wouldn't download.

Finally at 8pm I decided to download uTorrent and try it, just for the hell of it. I didnt think it would make a difference, but after installing it and adding a couple torrents, uTorrent is running fine with no configuration.

How is this possible? Shouldn't the only relevant difference between these two clients be the default port they use? I dont see how this would cause uTorrent to run fine while bittorrent is incapable of starting a download.

Info wise, my router has upnp activated, and I had pretty much every set up you can do with bittorrent ( w/ upnp, w/o upnp, starting with por 1024, 1025, 55000, etc ).

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