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Connection Tray Freeze


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Hi, I've searched all the forum topics and tried everything that has been suggested to fix similiar problems but nothing worked. When I'm downloading stuff with uTorrent, after a while it makes my internet connection freeze. Connection Tray shows that the upload is still on, but the little pc icon that shows download is off. Then uTorrent stops downloading and I can't use internet for anything, and when I try to restart the pc from the start menu, it says Connection Tray error, and when I end its process, it shows the blue XP closing screen but it stucks and doesnt turn off. So I have to reset pc everytime that happens. Its really driving me crazy lately and I couldn't find any solution to this. My uTorrent version is 2.0, and XP is Service Pack 3. I use Avast but uTorrent is added to its exception list, and P2P Shield is disabled, but it was doing the same thing before I started to use Avast too so I'm sure its not cos of Avast. So, any suggestions to fix this?

-And sorry for my English if there are any mistakes... :)

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