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BitTorrent will not download anything anymore! (read more)


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I just moved into the dorms at my college and I cant get anything to dl off of this internet connection. When I add the torrent to the program, it just sits there with no peers, seeds or anything. I remember when I first got here that I for some reason had to re-unblock BitTorrent from windows firewall because it popped up.

What else can I do to get this to work?

thanks a lot!!!

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Each new uTorrent version is a separate+different+new program as far as windows firewall is concerned, so EACH has to be separately allowed.

The dorm probably blocks torrents at the gateway, by possibly multiple methods. It is impossible to know which they use without insider knowledge or testing.

(block tracker updates? block/corrupt/edit tracker replies? block peer/seed connections? block uTP? block Teredo/IPv6?)

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