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Small simple questions


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I have used uTorrent on a number of occasions and i have a couple of small questions

When downloading a file I note that I may have 33(230) seeds. When I then look at the Peers tab I can see which seeds I am currently downloading from and what speeds I am getting. What I was wondering is why is there only say 6 seeds that have a download speed next to them and the rest all say 100% but there are no speeds. Is there any way of increasing the number of active seeds?

I recently downloaded a file and was getting on average 62kB/s, which is higher than usual, so I had no problem with this. When I had a quick look at the speed tab it appears that for about 1 minute the speed had shot up to around 224 kB/s. Is this just a one off freak or could it be down to a number of peers that all connected at the same time? Is there any way I can get this type of speed on a regular basis?

Thanks for any comments.

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Upload slots are almost always far lower than max connections.

It is bad uTorrent design that seeds connect to as many or more peers as they did when they were peers, because those seeds will appear idle to most of the peers they're connected to.

There can be all sorts of reasons for short speed bursts. Obviously your line's max speeds are the possible limits. Eliminating networking problems, such as bad routers or bad software firewalls helps.

Try 1st and 2nd links in my signature?

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