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Problem Downloading Update


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Hey guys,

Having a problem with my auto updater. Trying to upgrade to version 2.03 build 20664 for Windows 7. I am currently running version 2.02.

The 'auto-update' fails and gives me the following error messages;

1. There was a problem downloading the language file for uTorrent. Please Try Later.


2. There was a problem downloading the update for uTorrent. Please try again later or visit http://www.utorrent.com. Sorry about the inconvenience.

If anyone knows a work-around please let me know.



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Just stop uTorrent manually, and download the new version from the download page.

Sometimes the auto-update system acts up. It's not too difficult to do it manually.

I'd recommend you get version 2.04 instead though. It's basically the same but it fixes a recently exploited windows bug.

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