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Downloads not running.


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I just downloaded Utorrent 2.0.4, however now my torrents won't download. They appear on my DL list as downloading, but here is no activity. The Logger under the DL shows th following:

[2010-08-27 13:50:09] *** Starting Diagnostic thread ***

[2010-08-27 13:52:28] Connecting ...

[2010-08-27 13:52:38] Server does not support this client

[2010-08-27 13:52:38] Checking for forwarded port

[2010-08-27 13:52:42] Port Forward test complete. Results: Port not open.

[2010-08-27 13:52:42] Checking auto portmap configuration ...

[2010-08-27 13:52:46] Results: Port is not open (you are still able to download).

[2010-08-27 13:52:46] More info is in the <a href="http://www.utorrent.com/faq">FAQ</a> and at <a href="http://portforward.com/">portforward.com</a>

I know this says my port is not open, however I have checked & double checked my router settings has the designated port open, My internet security allows full access for Utorrent.

My DL shows how many Seeds & Peers there are, it just won't connect to any of them.

Any suggestions as to what the problem is & how I can fx it?


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