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norton 2003 / utorrent


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I`m using utorrent 1.4 for a time now , but i always have a problem with norton antivirus 2003.

When i`m running utorrent after a while norton stops protecting en deletes al my incoming mails.

So norton is out.

I have to restart my pc and everything is ok.

This will happen twice a day .

I have no idee and i`m missing a lot of mails now

Can someone help me.

Excus my english I`m dutch.

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Yes , because when i`m not using µtorrent , there is no problem !

I treid everything, but it always happens when i`m ussing µtorrent

I get an error message that norton is off and then all my mails at that time are deleted by norton.

The message is : Symantec Email Proxy deleted the following email message

I have no clue

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