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how to max my speed?


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my first question is... what determine the download speed?? and how to max my download speed?

i got my download speed between 0.5kBps to 9kBps... sometime it up until 100kBps (but very very rarely)...

im living in malaysia (south east asia) and i tried setup guide (ctrl + G) and run test but fail... i tried googled to help me max my speed (download) but no one of the tips help... im using win xp sp2, connection d:1mbps u:384kbps, utorrent V 2.0.4...

please help me...

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This thread is from another person in Malaysia:


If you only have 384 kilobits/second upload max, can you actually use the 384 kilobit/second upload settings from my speed guide (2nd link in my signature)? (You may not be getting the full upload amount, so you may need to try lower settings!)

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