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Speed UP then Down ? Utorrent jumps over my settings.....


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When I first cut on Utorrent lets say my download speed is 585kbps. ( I keep it set at 0) O.K. after about 10 mins or so the download will drop to under 10kbps total and my upload will jump from my setting of 100kbps to 250+ kbps....How does it overlook my settings in preference of 100kbps upload and jump up to over 250+ kbps ? I have used the Glosbast test and it says I am "NOT" being throttled. I only remember this happening 1 time before, about 8 months ago, and I had to change my IP address to get away from it. So, my ISP, TWC, must somehow be monitoring my IP address and maybe set me back real low when they see I am downloading a lot. But that still doesn't explain how Utorrent skips over my upload setting in preferences and goes as high as it can in uploading and drops my downloading to almost nothing. Any help will be appreciated.

Come to think of it though as you can see, my speed is still great from my IP provider but download speed again has dropped to under 10kbps even with 22 seeds on one of my downloads. It was downloading at 865kbps just a few mins ago, but now dropped to under 10kbps...I just don't know...

Just wonder if it has anything to do with the settings 1) apply rate limit to UTP connections and 2) enable bandwidth management. I have both of these on.


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