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very weird net problem


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i have two utorrent clients installed on university. one off them (no. 1) is always on 24/7 (unless i want to upgrade utorrent and webui client which then i have to restart utorrent) the other one (no. 2) is one at mornings till noon.

now the weird part is in past week the first one's (no .1) download speed has gone down from constant constant 80~100kB/s to 25~45kB/s .

if it was some sort of net limit, both would ave suffered, but the second one has the same speed as before.

updating utorrent didnt help.

and plz if you want info about my setting plz say which part and say how to get it.

and i didn't change any setting in between past week and the time this happened.

and its not torrent file peers speed issues because the speed of no torrent goes up to fill the speed gap. i tried torrents at both client and the second one gets full speed but first one is still low speed.

can someone help me ?

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What uTorrent version and build number?

List the uTorrent settings shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) in uTorrent.

Or post a screenshot of it, with that window shown AND uTorrent showing the Speed window/tab at bottom set to 5 minutes interval (to show last 10 hours).

Also list any advanced settings you've changed. (These will have an * next to them.)

Lastly, have you done any speed tests on the line using speedtest.net or uTorrent's built-in tester? If so, what were the results?

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i can do that at saturday at uni, cause i use webui from home to control utorrent.

is there anyway to do that with webui?

i today i got better speed like before (around 60kB/s) but still not at torrent i used to get (that have a lot of seeds and peers).

what ever the problem is i dont think its utorrent related ( at list not directly) but still if iuse like five torrents i dont get speed over 15kB/s overall which is very wierd considering i never had that before and all those torrent have at lest five peers( like 2 seeds and 5 leeches).

and right now the only hight speed i get ( and by high speed i mean over 10kB/s) is for a spesific torrent which has 65 seeds but for another one that is a tv series and has 25 seeds i get 5KB/s which a week before if i was running only that torrent it would get full speed( 100KB/s).

and right now i have 20 active download but still my speed wont go over 75kB/s.

and if i decrease the active torrents number to , like 5 it get overall speed of 15kB/s !!!.

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it seems that problem is back and its not just the first computer so ( though the second one has better speeds)

maybe its some kind of net restriction cause i can get next to max speed if i run 50 torrent files together , so that the little speeds sums up. but i cant get any hight speed download from any single torrent .but before i could get full speed by running only two or three torrents.

hopefully this passes but maybe not.

thanks for all your replies.

just to be clear my problem is this: 2 weeks ago i could just have 2 or 3 torrent running at once and i would get my max speed.

now i have to run 50 together to get max speed.and its not because of low seed or peers or like that cause i cant get full speed for even most popular torrents on net :).

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