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Error: Invalid download state, try resuming


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So, I've never had any real problems with uTorrent over the years I've used it untill recently when I tried downloading 2 files and it would stop after every 10% (or so) and say that there is some error, blah blah, and if I had to resume the download for it to work again. I fixed that by sitting and resuming the torrent every 10% and I thought it must be the torrents fault so I didn't really worry. BTW This happened on 2 separate ocassions (while downloading same files using 2 different torrents) and this has never happened before. Yesterday, I tried downloading another torrent which is completely un-related and is also from a different tracker and got this error (see screenshot). Now, I've no idea why this is happening and if I resume the download it will keep going for about 5 mins and then I'll get the same error.

BTW Also the error that occurred previously said something like "Error: The download location is open" and while the solution is obvious (close the downloading directory), it didn't work and I just kept getting the error.

I'm using the 2.04 version of uTorrent and I'm on Win 7 64bit.

Here's the screen -> http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/8645/62206060.jpg


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Add exceptions in your Anti-Virus or Indexing software for your download directory. It's trying to use the files while you're writing to it from uTorrent.

Another option is adding the append .!ut extension from utorrent option (in preferences - general). And adding a do-not-scan rule for that extension in your anti virus.

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