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A caveat on the subject of internet piracy.


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Today I received several unfriendly emails from my ISP regarding numerous complaints from NBC/Universal stating that my account was "allegedly being used to obtain and/or distribute copyrighted intellectual property(ies), i.e., episodes of "Warehouse 13", yada yada. While this is in fact a false allegation, as I do not try to obtain anything with uTorrent that might anger someone, the lesson remains clear. The big corporations are ready and willing to spank the little guy, and hard. Sadly, there is little to share on a bittorrent client that isn't copyrighted. I am not willing to re-open the internet piracy debate here; it has been a discussed at length, and to no firm resolution. I will only state that I am a person of limited means, and as much as I would enjoy financially supporting those artists whose work I appreciate, I am unable to do so. So, there it is: ROCK-ME-HARD PLACE. Here's praying for no hefty lawsuits should I transgress against someone with no understanding or patience.


indiana, usa

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