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File names not accessible in included files list when ading a torrent


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v 2.0.4 - b. 21586 - Win XP Pro (SP2)

Good morning,

I am a blind user using the JAWS 11.0.1467 screen-reader from freedom scientific http://freedomscientific.com

When I add a torrent there is a list of included files, the screen-reader only reads the size, nad not the name, column while navigating the list. It would appear that the MSAA description for the list item is set only to reflect the size and not both name / size. It would be wonderful if this could be changed in a future version.

If I can provide any further details please let me know. JAWS includes a feature that allows me to inspect and navigate through the window tree, I will provide you any information I am able to find if you need it.

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