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Every time I try to download anything, it says the same thing.

" Error- read only file system" Then it says invalid download format, try resuming. If I hit resume or for start, it just starts the cycle over again.

Utorrent worked perfectly with my pc, but I recently switched to a Mac and I have yet to get it to work for me. SO FRUSTRATING.

Anyone/ Everyone, please help!!



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First of all this should be in the mac section of the forum

But anyways. your problem is most likely in regards to the external HD you're trying to download to. You probably used it with windows and like most it would have been formatted as NTFS when you bought it. Mac's can open NTFS drives (they mount normal) but you can't write to them.

What you can do is get drivers (just google if you want a commercial product) there is an opensource one available under the name ntfs-3g, if you'd like to try that one instead. The other option would be to backup all the stuff on that drive and re-format the drive as either FAT-32 (which has a 4GB limit on individual files, any large files over 4GB won't save on that drive) or as the Mac format (HFS or HFS+)

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