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Plz help this compu illiterate, :)


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I think it may be a simple problem but being completely unlearned in the ways of the computer, I have not a clue of what to due. Heck, I go to youtube to figure out computer maintenance, and I still have not found much good in those, lol. I recently downloaded uTorrent (should be called microTorrent, /shrug, heh), and had already downloaded the entire season 1 of Andromeda, 3 martial arts movies, and 2 random movies I liked. They all downloaded quickly and efficiently, but recently I went to DL'ing the rest of the Andromeda seasons, and with so many episodes, I expected a reasonably slow DL time, like maybe 3 or 4 days. But sumhow, after sumthin of 5ish days, it is still DLing, right now at 65.8%. Somehow, the 30 or 40 kB/s I got from the single movies went to no more than 10kB/s on its best day, .1-.4kB on its normal days. I have already did the recommended configuring, and it did nuthin but have it fluctuate more wildly and sumhow having my compu give me the blue screen and auto-restart. I have enabled only NAT-PMP port mapping, and it seems to speed up my DL sumwhat, but I am still DLing a lot more slowly than what I have seen others. I may not be experiencing anything too terribly uncommon, but I am still stumped nonetheless. Anyone suggest anything a layman can do and helps? :), thanks

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