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uT 2.0.4 uploading at above Set Limit


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Hi all,

This is the first version where I have had a problem with uTorrent and wish to praise everyone involved with this product but I have now come across my first problem.

In Options > Preferences > Bandwidth; I have set the Maximum Upload Rate at 60kB/s, also (though not ticked) in the below option of Alternate Upload Rate When Not Downloading, I have also set this to 60kB/s.

In Options > Preferences > Scheduler; I have the Scheduler Settings at:

Limited Upload Rate @ 60kB/s

Limited Download Rate @ 3000kB/s

My problem is that when I upload (even if it is just one file or a collection of files), the upload speed is around 100kB/s. At this very moment I'm uploading an Anime (just 1) and it's uploading at 99kB/s.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated...


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