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"move completed downloads to:"-option randomly doesn't work


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i just recently switched to µtorrent and finished configuring it to my needs.

It seemed to be working fine at first, but now i noticed µtorrent randomly doesn't move files, even though they are in the default download directory and all files of the torrent have been downloaded.

My folder for incomplete files is D:\P2P\Torrent\Incomplete

The one that µtorrent has to move the files is D:\P2P\Completed

I don't really see the problem as I have all the permissions (running µtorrent in admin mode) and both directories are on the same local drive. Tried appending a \ to the end of the path(s) but it didn't help either. OS is Server 2003 R2, not running any AV.

Any ideas? I really need this option to work reliably, else i might as well switch back to vuze -_-

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