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I'd like to prioritze queue orders myself


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What's happening right now, is that utorrent somehow possibly through the use of magic decides which torrent is going to be uploaded/downloaded next from the queue on its own. It is not clear to me how this order is established but I'd really like to decide this myself.

What I mean is, that I would like to sort the order in which torrents are downloaded on what I deem to be more important to me.

The same goes for uploads. Often utorrent will decide to automatically start all torrents with 0 peers, and queue up all torrents with 0 seeds and several peers. This seems plain wrong to me and the only way to circumvent this at the moment is to stop all torrents with 0 peers manually and then force seed all the torrents that I actually wish to seed.

Especially in regards to seeding I would prefer to be able set a higher priority to certain torrents than to others, for example for torrents I created myself. While it may be interesting for some people to seed all torrents to a high ratio or something like that, I think it's more important to get my own torrents out but still be able to seed the rest later when they are well seeded.

In general I think seed:peer ratio is way more important when establishing priorities for uploads than ratio.

In summary:

Please consider implementing a queue system that let's the user pick the order in which torrents are queued, at the very least for downloads, in the near future.

Thanks in advance.

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A search for vurlix with the term queue returns nothing useful.

A search for ludde with the term queue returns this: "Download queue has been added to 1.1.5"

The upcoming features thread, lists: "Better queue management" what is that supposed to mean?

I was requesting that I would like to set the order of queueing myself. Has this been requested before? How would I know that? Are these vague references of improved queue management what I was requesting?

Surely you don't expect me to know that, since there is no information given on what it is going to be.

That's why I asked for how I would like the queue to behave.

Furthermore, I'm sorry. If this is exactly what is coming up and I somehow missed it in my search, then I'm happy and thank the programers for their efforts.

Otherwise I would ask for them to include my request in their future deliberations over improvement of said feature.

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