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I've got a release candidate that has completed testing, however yesterday I found a resource leak that occurs on every HTTP connection (e.g. every request by the web UI to update status) in code added since the previous release.

I fixed the resource leak yesterday, last night's builds and unit/system testing (with the fix) passed, and stress testing starts on that revision today. It should be ready Tuesday if all goes well.

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3.0 22708 released.

Download here! http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/linux


- Added daemon argument which directs the server to run in its own

process group

- Added usage argument which directs the server to display the set of

valid command-line arguments before exiting - server also prints error

and usage messages before exiting if it detects at least one

unrecognized command-line argument

- Added settings finish_cmd and state_cmd to provide a way to invoke

asynchronous processes for torrent lifecycle events

- The add torrent dialog in the web UI now allows the user to choose

which download directory to use for the torrent being added

- Correct JSON output is now generated for the list-dirs action request

- The name of the directory created by extracting the product archive now

includes utorrent instead of bittorrent

- Removed ul_slots_per_torrent setting since it no longer has a function

- Added ut_webui_dir setting in the configuration file, which specifies

the directory containing the webui.zip archive or the unarchived files

to be served for the web UI

- Added pidfile argument which permits the specification of a file to be

created by the utserver process which will contain the ID of the

utserver process

- Added logmask setting in the configuration file which permits logging

to be configured (and subsequently modified as part of handling a

hangup signal), and removed support for LOGMASK environment variable

- The server rereads the configuration file upon receipt of a hangup

signal or when creating or moving a file named rcf.utmr in the

dir_request directory - see the cautions in the user manual about

sending a hangup signal when attempting to change the value of


- Added settings admin_name and admin_password to allow administrators to

define initial non-default credentials for authenticating to the server

via the HTTP interface

- Fixed documentation by changing filter_id to filter-id in one place

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3.0 22708 released.

This doesn't have a fix for the issue with Unicode characters in file paths. I'm testing a fix for that now, although it will be better tested by all of you since you collectively have more different locale configurations than I can set up. If the stress test passes, I'll release it Monday.

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µTorrent Server 3.0 22789 released.

Download here! http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/linux


- Added fields to the About box in the web UI to present the external IP address and UDP/TCP ports assigned by a UPnP router to the server

- Added speculative fix for crash on POSIX platforms occurring when any configurable directories (e.g., active, completed, temporary, autoload, request) contain Unicode characters

- Fixed documentation by changing feed_id to feed-id in two places

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Heh, oops... hit send a little too early on that previous post.

What was actually released was µTorrent Server 3.0 25053.


- Fix: Eliminated race condition causing crashes when adding torrents

- Fix: Resolved problems associated with moving completed data files

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