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Up and Down arrows should move torrent selected with the tabs selected


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Up and Down arrows should move the torrent selection when the tabs are selected

When 'General' 'Peers' 'Pieces' 'Files' 'Speed' 'Logger, etc... are selected the up and down arrows on the keyboard should should switch which torrents are selected.

That way all the information can be viewed without having to use the mouse and click on things.

(this will be big keyboard fun)

note: this is not the same when the Files or Torrents are selected, it should go left and right as it does now, not switch between the 'General' 'Peers' 'Pieces' 'Files' 'Speed' 'Logger, etc...

and also the space bar could also be used to remove any selection selected and reset selection if no selection has been made since it deselected items

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Yes, up and down switching the selected torrents, when 'the tabs' are in selection is what I asked for.

Currently up and down keys do nothing when 'the tabs' are selected.

by 'the tabs' I meant the 'General' 'Peers' 'Pieces' 'Files' 'Speed' 'Logger, etc... tabs (or what ever you'd like to call them).

When those are active the up and down should switch the selection of torrents to change the torrent information view of the bottom window.

Yes, the tab key should still switch which set is active. Switching between 'Torrents (plural) info...' 'The Tabs' 'The items in the tab' 'nothing' and 'The Menu'.

Note up and down should NOT change which one of the above is active, just which torrents are selected for the display for the information on the bottom half. 'The tabs' should still be the active set.

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The existing behaviour of 1.5 437 is more or less accurate. If we consider a well known and well designed application that has a similar layout to uT, we can choose outlook express

when the folders list is shown, we have an inbox that is like the torrents list, and a mail preview pane that is like the bottom info panel

with the focus on the mail list, pressing tab shifts the focus to the preview pane. the arrow keys can then be used to navigate the preview. pressing shit tab moves the focus back to the mail list

uTorrent behaviour is nearly identical to this, except that whe the tab is focused the up down arrows do not function. perhaps I would suggest that they be made to function for the tabs which have something to show, like the files or peers list. pressing up/down on these would cause the selection highlight of the relevant list to move. Note; as a developer i do understand that the tab panel and the list within it are separate components, and i know why up/down on the tab doesnt currently interact with the list; i just see your point and think it should :)

this behaviour differs slightly from your proposal but is perhaps similar enough and clear enough to be accepted?

one thing i always take issue with in windows apps is the focus highlight is particularly invisible. OE wins a good stroke in this regard, because the preview pane header becomes a block of blue when it is targeted..

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I see what your saying, instead of up and down switching selected torrents, you're saying that it switch selected items in that tab. Both make since, and it can't do both unless another keyboard tab level is added. I prefer the idea of switching selected torrents with the up and down arrows; that way it makes it easer to compare downloading torrents (both ideas are still improvements). Perhaps the one it could the other two methods could be an option under preferences->advanced.

Side note: I think the tab button order should change


find->details->torrent items in list->tabs->pick torrents groups


find->pick torrent groups->torrent items in list->tabs->details

its weird having find in the middle of this it when it should be at the beginning (or end)

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