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uTorrent with VPN, can anyone answer this definitively?


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Hey everyone,

I got a copyright letter from my ISP which prompted me to buy a VPN. It originates out of Europe, and supports P2P, although they dont support port forwarding. Looks good so far, stays on, good speed.

I'm confused now, and searching the net and these forums dont seem to definitively answer some questions.

They are:

Will all leechers of my files see my new VPN ip address without any config changes to uTorrent? Do they see the VPN's assigned IP (the network connection IP if I go to ipconfig and look) or the public/external IP (the IP that appears if I go to portforward.com)

I've been reading about net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip... is this really needed or not? Because every time I reconnect to the VPN the address is different so I'd need to change it!! AND... if I do need these 2 settings, do I use my VPN's assigned IP or the IP that is public facing (the IP that appears if I go to portforward.com)?

LASTLY.... how much protection does this really get me?


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