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Transferring torrents to another computer.


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I`m downloading a large torrent (10 gb),which will take many days to download completely as my download speed is rather low.

I`m rather concerned that if my computer breaks down or something else goes wrong I will loose all the work downloaded and will have to start all over again on another P.C.

Is it possible to copy the torrents downloaded daily and save them to another P.C. so that if problems occur I can transfer the torrents downloaded to date and continue the download on another P.C.?

The work could be stored,possibly on a flash drive.

I can see where the torrents are downloaded to on my hard drive(usually "Downloads"}

I did try a little experiment,I copied the torrents onto a 16GB flash drive,started the torrent on the other computer,deleted the files initially started by utorrent ,replacing then with the saved files off the flash drive,however utorrent would not include the saved torrents and started again from "0".

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yes, µT is able to resume all your torrent jobs.

If it's only one torrent to move and continue to seed, move the incomplete torrent (the files) and the corresponding .torrent file stored by default in the folder %appdata%\utorrent (or in the folder you have defined in 'Preferences > Directories' in µT).

Reload the .torrent into µt and select the folder where you moved the incomplete torrent (files). µY will force a recheck and resume.

You can save all the folder %appdata%\utorrent too, but the folder path where you save each torrent must be the same on your 2nd computer.

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