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Incoming port when using Socks5 proxy - how does seeding work?


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I'm trying to get Superchargemytorrent working with 2.0.4. It's a Socks5 proxy that supposedly hides your IP from peers. And I'm trying to understand what's going on with the ports.

Under normal conditions, with no proxy in use, my understanding is that my client reports to the tracker my IP number and the port I'm listening on. So, if my router has that port forwarded, other swarm participants can initiate connections directly to me through that port.

But I think the proxy server does not pass anything through to me on that port. If I have the incoming port set to 45678, and even if UT sends that port number to the tracker, anyone trying to connect to me will be going to proxyIP:45678, not myIP:45678. And the proxy doesn't know that's for me, so it just drops that connection attempt.

If that's right, then I must become unconnectable when using the proxy, and all connections have to be initiated by me. So how do I seed? I guess if I intiate a leeching connection to another peer, I could also upload other pieces to him on the same connection, but otherwise the only way I can upload is to initiate connections to other downloaders based on info obtained from the tracker on each update, and somehow that seems kinda backwards. Does it work, or does seeding become very problematical when using a proxy? Or do I misunderstand what's going on?

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