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RSS Favorites - Directories for In-Progress


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Hey there,

Maybe this should go in the Suggestion forum, but I'll give it a go.

I use Google Desktop as well as a MediaCenter PC, so this option would help people like me.

Anyway, in an RSS favorite, you have an option to Save the file in a specified directory, which is fantastic, but I'd like to take it one step further.

Add an option in uTorrent to save this favorite RSS downloads into a temporary directory while In-Progress (heck, maybe just a check mark to put it in the default in progress or new torrents directory from the main options).

What this would allow someone like me to do is still run Google Desktop (exlcude the directories that utorrent resides me), but not have to exclude all the directories that are used to save the specific favorites into.

For example, I use a lot of specific directories depending on the item uTorrent is getting, but I don't want to exclude all these directories for the GDS, hence, I can put them in a temp/in progress directory (which is excluded by GDS) and move them to my primary directory once it's completed.

With regards to the MCE, my primary directories are shared, and I'll know that all the files that are in there are completed, and I (or someone in my family) won't accidentally try to play something that may be in progress.

I've searched through the forums briefly and through uTorrent options, but can't seem to get something like this working.

Any input is great! :)

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I have these settings set in my uTorrent config, but the RSS favorites overwrite them.

Plus, although manual torrents/etc I add, I want to be moved into the "Move completed downloads to" directory, I would like a different directory for all my RSS feeds (which obviously can be set in the Favorites config).

The problem/issue was that I want the RSS favorites to be put in my "Put new downloads in" directory while they're being downloaded and then move them into the directory specified in the RSS favorites and NOT in the "Move completed downloads to" directory.


My uTorrent Directory Config:

"Put new downloads in"


"Move completed downloads to"


Now for an RSS Favorite, I have Nova on PBS

RSS Favorite "Nova"

Save in: D:\TV\PBS\Nova

When the RSS hits Nova, it auto downloads the file into that directory.


Now, what I want is when the RSS finds Nova, the download _starts_ in D:\Torrents\Incoming (like my setting shows), but when completed, gets MOVED to the "Save in" directory D:\TV\PBS\Nova

Currently, it starts the download and puts it automatically in the Save In directory.

I know people use this, so maybe I'm looking for a toggle/option that allows me to put the In-progress/new torrents found from RSS in the Incoming directory then move to the specific "Save in" directory in each RSS favorite's config.

Bit confusing, but I think I explained myself better this time.

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yes, I know that.

But I want to specifically save all my RSS favorites into seperate directories.

RSS for Nova goes into (only once completed) -> D:\TV\PBS\Nova

RSS for MythBusters goes into (only once completed) -> D:\Tv\Discovery\MythBusters

Yet both are in D:\Torrents\Incoming when they're being downloaded.

get it ?

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It's actually true, that the Utorrent way of dealing the RSS prefs in this case is rather strange...

It should just put everything that is incomplete in the temp-folder and then, when it's done, move it to the done-folder as indicated in the prefs. When a file is downloaded via RSS, it should place this incomplete file in the temp-folder and, when the file completes, move it to the folder specified in the RSS pref ...


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I agree with stokkes, that feature is the reason why I registered in the first place, to ask for it.

I don't think it would be a big problem to handle the favorites the way Fungi_From_Youggoth said, perhaps a couple of lines. If it would download the favorites to the temp directory and then just move them to the specified folder it would be a lot comfortable as my favorite target folder would not contain files which aren't ready yet.

Hope you give it some thought, otherwise the rss function works perfectly!

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