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Port won't stay open


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Hi there, sorry if this has been covered already. I have been searching and trying stuff, but can't figure it out. And trying to use some of the instructions on here are so confusing!

I have had my Utorrent port forwarded for ages now and everything was fine as far as I know (I haven't checked it in a while). But now it won't stay open. I can get it open, but it closes soon after. I have tried everything I can find or think of. I really need some help!

-I set up a static ip

-I added the port to my router

-Router is: Linksys BEFSX42 version 2.1

-I updated the firmware of the router

-My ISP is Rogers cable, and it goes from the wall to modem to router to PC

-The firewall on the router is enabled

-I am using Norton 360 version and added Utorrent to the firewall

-I have tried resetting everything, no help

-I have tried turning off the firewalls, no help

-I have tried changing ports, but everytime I do, it works for a bit, then closes.

-On the uTorrent port checker it says "An error has occurred! Port 6881 does not appear to be open.". But 6881 is not the port that I use for uTorrent

Anyway, I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance!

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What info do you need exactly, the screenshot won't work? And where is the speed graph? I have been playing with the speeds and settings to try and get things to work. But not sure what the optimum settings should be? Any suggestions on the best settings and how to get the port forward to work?

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